July 22, 2021

A change / next step

Back in 2013, I was building a system to help with pediatric kidney transplant research while also trying to write a PhD at the same time. That split did not work out. I liked building the system and the team around it way more than writing papers and the dissertation work itself. Still, it took me a while though to actually acknowledge that. To allow myself to say: I like the one thing more than the original goal. But finally I did and decided to focus exactly on this: building tech, building teams, learning how to do it better and to do a lot of that.

So, I joined Thoughtworks. And it was amazing! I’ve learned a ton and had way more fun along the way than I ever thought possible. But after a while one thought started to keep me busy: How would it be to commit to building one thing, from the ground up - to own all the mistakes and successes, to see it really through. With time this notion of “ownership” got more and more important to me.

Some time later, I had a chat with a friend. We talked about a company that he joined and the product they had in mind and it clicked 💡: Being a part of something that can truly make a positive impact and being able to have an impact on how it’s being built: with fun, empathy & focus. I couldn’t say no 😀 So now I’m at Gropyus 👷.

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