December 28, 2018

My first UHK layout

I ordered the UHK with the linux layout as I thought that I will be moving towards a linux laptop as the main driver for my work. Somehow this didn’t happen 😕 and therefore I ended up using the UHK with a Mackbook Pro. Thus, I changed few settings and love my setup even more. UHK is really a spectacular keyboard.

  • I quickly decided to just align the Fn, Ctrl, Option and Cmd key with the mac layout so that my mussle memory doesn’t suffer too much. This also made me fell in love with the UHK agent: It’s just so easy to remap the keys to your liking.

  • While at it, I also changed the default Mouse key to become my Ctrl (cause I alwas been remaping the Caps key to have that behaviour) and decided to allocate the Mouse key behavoiur to the Space key on the edge of the keyboard as I have not been using this key at all.

  • To customize my internal keyboard layout on the Mac, I’ve been using karabiner-essentials for a while now, With it, I made my CAPS become ESC while pressed alone and Ctrl if pressed with in combination with other key. Since the switch to the UHK and my Mod+Mouse being ESC, I missed this on when working on the go only with the internal keyboard, therefore I now use Cmd + Caps for ESC on my internal keyboard too, as it’s the same movement for my fingers. To be able to do so, I wrote a little complex modification for karabiner-elements:

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