October 9, 2017

why hugo?

As you can see looking at the frequency of my posts, I’m more of an occasional writer. Therefore whenever I drag myself in front of my notebook, to write something up I’m feeling like sharing, I should really not have any reason to do something else instead. Sadly, although I was really happy with my octopress setup, more than once I found myself fighting the currently installed ruby versions and some conflicts with the gems that octopress was requiring.

In the quest of solving the problem once and for all, I decided to look at hugo that is as simple in usage as octopress and has the benefit of golang’s self-contaied binaries, that don’t depend on any runtime. And yes, hugo’s speed is impressive 💨 It probably doesn’t matter for my little blog, nevertheless it’s nice to have an instant live-reload whenever I work on a new post, or just play with the current design.

The migration from octopress was also very straightforward. Thanks to this little migration tool: octohug.

Bottom line: If you’re in the market for a new static web page generation tool, I strongly suggest hugo!

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