June 27, 2015

build monitors

During my last four projects or so, the teams I worked with were always using GO.CD as the CD tool of their choosing. Although the pipeline state visualisation GO.CD comes with is quite nice, it still doesn’t cut it as a proper, obvious build monitor enabling everybody in the team to quickly recognize what is the pipeline status.

Burstah in action

Therefore first cidar, a simple sinatra based build monitor, has been born. I quickly discovered that sinatra and especially the nokogiri dependency, doesn’t make it easy to use e.g. a Raspberry Pi as the monitor hardware. So, having the liberty, I decided to re-implement everything in JavaScript using node.js & express. Burstah , my second attempt at the ultimative build monitor, has been born 😁

All the necessary information how to use, install or contribute can be found in Burstah’s readme.

Currently Burstah has following features:

  • Polling for the cctray.xml to recognize the pipelines and their status
  • Grabbing the commit details directly out of the GO.CD and presenting them
  • Providing an animation when the build is running
  • Supporting emojis in the commit messages 👍

If you have any wishes or issues, just write stuff down on the github issues page.

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